Real Estate & Developments

The Real Estate practice group handles various land transactions. The complex and diverse elements of the law related to the use of land and the construction, maintenance, sale and use of property are all covered in our portfolio.

The team keeps clients up to date on the latest legal developments regarding commercial and residential property, boundaries and easements as well as common law rights. The group commonly works with developers on joint venture projects and assists with obtaining both planning permission from regulatory/statutory bodies as well as the discharge and modification of restrictive covenants.

We act for most of Jamaica’s mortgage companies in various capacities including the registration of and discharge of mortgages. Members of the team frequently handle residential as well as commercial leases and issues arising under the Rent Restriction Act.

Real Estate clients include major domestic and international banking and financial institutions, listed and unlisted corporations, state owned enterprises, real estate developers and consultants, commercial and residential real estate agents as well as private individuals.

Real Estate & Developments

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